MyAssays For Reagent Specialists

Assay Software for Reagent Specialists

Offer your customers a highly accessible data analysis solution tailored specifically to your kits:

  • Kit centric data analysis Help
    Help Ready-to-use data analysis tools preconfigured for your kits. Your customers do not need to download or install any software to convert raw data to meaningful results in accordance with your own kit instructions.
  • Tailor made assay resources Help
    Help We work with you to provide validated resources so that your customers can process their data in accordance with your kit instructions.
  • Compatible with data from any instrument Help
    Help Raw data from instrumentation can be pasted in or automatically imported from a file or Microsoft Excel. More...
  • Integrated technical support direct to your application experts Help
    Help Simplify your application support with our integrated support messaging system.
  • Hosted at or on your own domain name Help
    Help Include your kits in our public online database or run the service from your own site.
  • Designed for SEO Help
    Help Stay at the top of the list for your targets with our search engine friendly site design.
  • Tools to help your customers integrate analysis for your kits into their existing workflow Help
    Help Our MyAssays Add-In for Microsoft Excel, MyAssays Desktop and Folder Poll let your customers access the service how they want to - online or offline (keeping their data in-house) and integrate with their existing data measurement workflow.
  • is widely cited and referenced Help
    Help Click here to open Google Scholar search for "MyAssays"
  • Runs on all major browsers

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