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Folder Poll

The Folder Poll tool for Windows helps to automate your data analysis process.
  • Automatically perform operations when new files are detected in a monitored folder
  • Copy/Move/Launch external programs (including WorkOut Plus/MyAssays Desktop)
  • Copy or move files to protected resources (such as network locations)
  • Optional logging of all operations
  • User-friendly interface
  • Optional advanced XML configuration

Video Guides

A selection of online video guides for using Folder Poll:

Using Folder Poll with MyAssays Desktop

Folder Poll with MyAssays Desktop
(8 min 5 sec)
How to configure your system to automatically perform data analysis as soon as measurements are completed with your reader. Topics include: • Importing measurement data • Measurement data type and format • Configure reader software to output data • Using a reader export folder • Export to PDF • Import Wizard • Automatically launch this protocol when a new measurement file is detected (via Folder Poll) • Filtering files to process • Launch protocol and import data ready for review • Launch protocol, import data, perform analysis, print/export • Folder Poll Manager

Using Folder Poll with Kaleido Software and WorkOut Plus MMD

Getting started with Folder Poll for Kaleido
(3 min 32 sec)
Installing and using Folder Poll with Kaleido. Topics include: • Installing • Launching Folder Poll Manager • Applying default Kaleido Configuration • The Folder Poll Service • Alpha 384-well Screening • Automatic WorkOut launch
Automating Kaleido and WorkOut with Folder Poll
(10 min 7 sec)
How to fully automate WorkOut data analysis with Kaleido data using Folder Poll. Topics include: • Running a Kaleido Measurement Protocol • Manually Exporting data from Kaleido • Importing Kaleido data into WorkOut • Creating a WorkOut protocol • Modifying a Kaleido Measurement Protocol to automatically Export • Using Folder Poll Manager • Adding a Folder Poll • Specifying a Poll to Folder • Applying a Folder Poll changes • Modifying a WorkOut protocol to automatically print


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