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WorkOut Plus MMD

WorkOut Plus MMD is the ultimate assay design, automation and analysis package.
  • Designed for use with PerkinElmer MMD readers (including VICTOR, EnVision, EnSpire, EnSight, etc.)
  • Process data from any text/CSV file format
  • Extensive data analysis library including curve fitting (4PL/5PL, etc.)
  • Advanced kinetic and spectral data analysis
  • Custom export options
  • Enhanced Security option for 21CFR11, GxP environments

Video Guides


How to license WorkOut Plus
(3 min 13 sec)
How to license a WorkOut Plus installation (using an internet connection). Topics include: • Serial Code • Activation • Deactivation • Transferring license to another computer
How to license WorkOut Plus (when PC is not online)
(4 min 30 sec)
How to license a WorkOut Plus installation when the PC is not connected to the internet. Topics include: • Serial Code • License Key • Activation • Using QR code • Deactivation • Transferring license to another computer

WorkOut Plus Basics

WorkOut Data Analysis Overview
(9 min 19 sec)
A top-level view of WorkOut, with an explanation and examples of key data key concepts. Topics covered include: • Protocol files • Results files • Matrices • Layouts • Edit Layout • Edit Transforms • Sample IDs • Transforms • Report Content
Blank Correction in WorkOut
(5 min 25 sec)
Configuring Background correction/Buffer Correction with Blank Correction transform. Topics include: • Blank Group Replicates • Blank Group Associations • Blank Associations Editor • Kinetic Blank Correction transform
ELISA Analysis in WorkOut Plus MMD
(7 min 55 sec)
How to create ELISA analysis in WorkOut Plus MMD. Topics include: • Normalize NSB B0 %B/B0 • Standard Curve Fit with 4PL • Dilution Factors • %CV (Raw or Conc.) • Validation
How to create a protocol with dual measurements
(4 min 1 sec)
Creating a WorkOut protocol to measure dual measurements and perform analysis. Topics include: • Creating a protocol • Configuring dual measurements (with VICTOR) • Using single layout • Naming a protocol • Using the Analysis Wizard • Saving a protocol • Starting measurements • Launching protocol again
Averaging replicates with WorkOut Plus MMD
(9 min 7 sec)
• Importing Text Based (12x8 Matrix) • Table Replicate List/Average • Four Parameter Logistic Curve Fit • Concentration Series • Average Transform • Curve Fit with replicates or average • Exclude replicate outliers (flagging) • Save Protocol • Average Concentrations
AlphaLISA protocol in WorkOut Plus MMD
(15 min 22 sec)
How to create a protocol for AlphaLISA data interpretation. • Importing data from Excel document • Matrix Expression • 4PL with 1/y² weighting • Standard Deviation expression function • LDL calculation • Dilution Factors • Include in Matrix/Table • Replicate List/Average • Numerical Formatting • File | Save Protocol • Converting protocol import file format • Converting import protocol to instrument control
Spectral Data in WorkOut Plus MMD
(4 min 13 sec)
Working with spectral data in WorkOut Plus MMD. Topics include: • Wavelength Scan • Range of wavelengths • Spectral Data • Create a new protocol • EnSight XML import • Peak Point • Extracting reading at specific wavelength

Working with EnSight

Importing EnSight Kaleido Data into WorkOut Plus MMD
(8 min 34 sec)
• Importing EnSight XML data • Preview import • Measurement protocol Information in report • Scatter Chart with linear regression (Fluorescence Intensity vs Number of Objects) • Validation Expression (with Scatter Chart slope)
Getting started with Folder Poll for Kaleido
(3 min 32 sec)
Installing and using Folder Poll with Kaleido. Topics include: • Installing • Launching Folder Poll Manager • Applying default Kaleido Configuration • The Folder Poll Service • Alpha 384-well Screening • Automatic WorkOut launch
Automating Kaleido and WorkOut with Folder Poll
(10 min 7 sec)
How to fully automate WorkOut data analysis with Kaleido data using Folder Poll. Topics include: • Running a Kaleido Measurement Protocol • Manually Exporting data from Kaleido • Importing Kaleido data into WorkOut • Creating a WorkOut protocol • Modifying a Kaleido Measurement Protocol to automatically Export • Using Folder Poll Manager • Adding a Folder Poll • Specifying a Poll to Folder • Applying a Folder Poll changes • Modifying a WorkOut protocol to automatically print

Working with EnVision

Creating a WorkOut protocol to automate the EnVision
(2 min 57 sec)
How to configure a WorkOut protocol to automate the EnVision. Topics include: • Using the EnVision driver • Creating a WorkOut protocol to automate the EnVision • Selecting EnVision measurement settings • Available EnVision measurements • Creating EnVision measurements settings in EnVision Manager software • Saving EnVision measurements settings • Running an EnVision protocol

Inter-assay Reporting

Inter-assay QC reporting with WorkOut Plus
(6 min 30 sec)
How to use WorkOut to generate inter-assay quality control charts and reports. Topics include: • How data is arranged in WorkOut • Monitoring observations • Levey-Jennings, CUSUM, observation table • Export QC report to Excel • Creating QC reports on- the-fly with Create Now • Monitoring Control Concentration • Monitoring R² (goodness of fit)

Acceptance Rules

Acceptance Rules (Intra-assay)
(6 min 36 sec)
Introducing WorkOut acceptance rules for intra-assay validation. Topics include: • Creating rules to automatically check the assay was prepared correctly. • Intra-assay validation • Validation Transform • Validation Expression transform • %CV calculation
Acceptance Rules (Inter-assay)
(9 min 43 sec)
Continuing the explanation of acceptance rules with a focus on inter-assay rules. Topics include: • Validating with absolute range • isinrange function • Inter-assay validation • Calculating standard deviation from all QC observations • isinpmrange function • Referring to monitored QC observations (with QC1, QC2, etc.) • How to find more information about QC expression functions and examples • Westgard rules

Enhanced Security

WorkOut Plus Enhanced Security File Protection
(2 min 54 sec)
Provides an overview of how WorkOut data files are protected when using Enhanced Security. Topics include: • Protected folders • Restricted operations • Parent Directory for data files • Secure file operations
Installing WorkOut Plus MMD for EnVision with Enhanced Security
(8 min 58 sec)
Information for system-administrators for performing a new installation of WorkOut Plus MMD for EnVision with Enhanced Security. Topics include: • WorkOut Plus with EnVision • Windows Logons • Installing EnVision driver • Creating users • Assigning user to WorkOutSecurityUsers groups • Assigning Authorization groups • WorkOut Security Manager tool
Sharing or Partitioning Data with WorkOut Plus Enhanced Security
(7 min 27 sec)
How to configure a WorkOut Plus MMD Enhanced Security installation to share or partition user data. Topics include: • Sharing WorkOut data files between users • Partitioning WorkOut data files • Unrestricted account • Duplicate Security Group • Approved Folder • ApprovedFolderDataParent • CurrentUser Macro

Custom Export

Custom Export Transform
(7 min 1 sec)
How to use the Custom Export transform to define how to export results from WorkOut Plus. Topics include: • Exporting data with Custom Export transform • Using the Example export configuration • Using the Export Configuration editor • Recalculating • Editing exportconfig XML
Custom CSV Export for LIMS
(8 min 11 sec)
Creating a custom CSV export using the Custom Text Export transform. Topics include: • Defining Export Configuration • Adding the Custom Export transform • Using the Export Configuration Editor • Auto launch export • Export output folder • Specify which samples to export • Column Separator (Auto-spacing, CSV, SSV) • Export Matrix columns • Export Text columns • Export macros (protocol name, sample IDs)


Introduction to Expressions in WorkOut
(14 min 58 sec)
A closer look at WorkOut's powerful expression based features. Topics include: • Normalize Values • % Binding • Referring to sample groups on the layout • Expression Transform • Referring to Control1 • Evaluation by Layout • Flagged positions • Matrix Expression Transform • Dual Matrix Expression (using x and y) • List operations • Highlight Transform • Inserting a Transform • Auto Flag Transform • Calculating %CV • Boolean operations • Where to find more information
Worklists in WorkOut
(4 min 59 sec)
Using Worklists with WorkOut. Topics include: • Importing data from a file into a WorkOut report • Importing sample IDs from a text file • Configuring Worklist • Using a specific file or using the newest file in a folder • Worklist formats (Text and CSV) • Running a protocol with Worklist feature • Importing standard concentrations and dilution factors in a worklist
4PL Curve Fit With a Zero Standard
(6 min 28 sec)
How to improve fit when using a zero value standard with the 4PL (Four Parameter Logistic Fit). Topics include: • Example problem data • Resolving with a suitably small concentration value • Resolving by fixing asymptote • Add a Zero type • Changing layout • 4PL coefficients • 4PL asymptotes
Parallel Line Analysis in WorkOut Plus MMD
(6 min 36 sec)
How to perform Parallel Line Analysis (PLA) with WorkOut Plus MMD. Topics include: • Configuring a layout for PLA • Comparing parallelism of Unknowns against Standard • Parallel Line Analysis transform • Specifying the dose of samples • Using dose replicates • Configuring PLA • Acceptance Criteria • Pass/Fail Parallelism • Parallel Line Analysis results • Relative Potency • Edit PLA • Unconstrained Fit • Constraining Fit to asymptote(s) • Constrained Fit from Standard Curve • Constrained from expression • 4PL/5PL


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