About MyAssays

In 2006, Darren Cook set about solving the problem of providing high-quality software for the many applications and platforms used in life sciences data analysis, forming MyAssays Ltd in 2009.

Our first ready-to-use online data analysis tools for popular bio-assays were launched in May 2011, with 60 assay templates to hand for an array of commercially available kits and common analysis methods.

We later launched the MyAssays Excel Add-in to simplify performing this data analysis directly from inside an Excel document.

In January 2015, MyAssays launched the first genuinely easy-to-use online curve fitting resource reshaping the life sciences tools for the benefit of the wider community. Users include NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Microsoft, the banking sector, mining companies, weather forecasters, computer games developers, students and many more.

In 2016, we launched MyAssays Desktop to provide the next generation of best-in-class data analysis tool for life sciences assays. The desktop-based system integrates with the growing database of online assay tools but allows data analysis to be performed independently of the online service, enabling users with privacy and security concerns to keep all of their data private and in-house.

MyAssays works with researchers, academia, clinical laboratories, reagent and instrument manufacturer and product specialists to deliver the best-in-class data analysis tools via online services and desktop based products. We have developed a large well-tested library of software components ready to integrate into new and existing data analysis applications.

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