NCI-60 DTP Human Cancer Screen

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Data analysis in accordance with the In Vitro Cell Line Screening Project (IVCLSP) for the DTP anticancer drug discovery program.

This method uses seven absorbance measurements (Zero, Control growth and test growth in the presence of drug at the five concentration levels). The percentage growth is calculated at each of the drug concentrations levels. The percentage growth inhibition is plotted against the log10 concentration and point-to-point interpolation is used to calculate three dose response parameters:

GI50 - Growth inhibition of 50%

LC50 - Concentration of drug resulting in a 50% reduction in the measured protein at the end of the drug treatment as compared to that at the beginning

TGI - Drug concentration resulting in total growth inhibition

Values are calculated for each of these three parameters if the level of activity is reached; however, if the effect is not reached or is exceeded, the value for that parameter is marked in red and expressed as greater or less than the maximum or minimum concentration tested.



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