Uploading a Raw Data File for Processing

For each assay, a text file containing your data can be uploaded and processed for analysis.

The MyAssays service can automatically identify and import the relevant data from a file saved in many supported file formats, including TXT, CSV or other proprietary formats.

If your data is in Microsoft Excel, the MyAssays Add-In for Microsoft Excel is useful for calculating your results.

To upload a raw data file for analysis:

1. Open the appropriate assay in MyAssays.

2. Select File in the Measurements section (if there is a choice).

3. Browse your computer and select your data file.

4. Press the Upload… button.

5. The MyAssays service will attempt recognition of your data file format.

• If the format is recognised the raw data will be imported. An overview of the imported data will be displayed. Review your assay parameters and press the Calculate... button at the bottom of the assay page to perform the analysis of your supplied raw data.

• If your data file format is not recognised, we will try to add support for the format and will notify you when it is ready.

Alternative methods for supplying your assay raw data are available.

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