Assay Raw Data Edit Box

The edit box is an easy way to quickly enter your assay raw data into a MyAssays page for analysis.

The edit box initially contains example data that can be processed for the purpose of example. These contents can easily be overwritten with your own measured raw data by keying in the values or pasting from your computer’s clipboard.

For example, raw data for a 12x8 endpoint assay might look like this:

In this example, a complete plate of 96 numbers are specified, each separated by spaces.

If the entire plate was not read, it is possible to supply only the measured values as explained here.

For assays expecting more sophisticated types of data (such as dual measurements or kinetic data) the edit box structure is extended accordingly. An illustration of the expected format is provided.

Some assays having specific requirements of the raw data do not have a raw data edit box and call for the use of a text file upload.

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