Cisbio HTRF Human IFN beta

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Detection of human IFN beta using HTRF (an alternative to ELISA) Cisbio kit 62HIFNBPEG.

Type I interferons, interferon alpha (IFN-a) and interferon beta (IFN-ß), play essential role in innate immune response to viral infections. IFN-ß is produced by fibroblasts, macrophages, dendritic cells as well as endothelial cells. The expression of IFN-ß gene is controlled by transcription factors like IRF-3, c-Jun/ATF-2, and NF-kappaB downstream of Pattern Recognition Receptors (ie Toll-like receptors, Rig-I or cGas). Particularly, IFN-ß is the primary functional readout of cGas-cGAMP-STING pathway activation. Once secreted, IFN-ß binds and activates IFNAR1/IFNAR2 receptor complex, which relies on STAT1/2 transcription factors. Phosphorylated STAT1/2 leads to the induction of anti-viral genes expression. Cisbio's Human IFN-ß kit is a homogeneous, add and read assay to measure IFN-ß secretion in supernatant. It offers a fast, efficient alternative to ELISA.

This data analysis tool performs quantitative analysis of samples using a 1/y² weighted Four Parameter Logistic (4PL) curve fit. Provide your ratio calculated measurement data (665nm/620nm). Calculations are performed as follows:

1. Delta Ratio is computed for each sample using the zero standard (Zero).

2. The standard data points (Concentration vs. Delta Ratio) are plotted and the curve is fitted through the points. The concentrations of the samples are determined from the fit with any specified dilution factors applied.

3. The %CV and Standard Deviation are calculated for each replicated sample.



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