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Ansh Labs Anti-Mullerian Hormone ELISA

Quantitative measurement of AMH/MIS in human serum and other biological fluids (intended for in vitro diagnostic use only). Data analysis is performed as follows: The mean of the blank replicates is first subtracted from the raw data measurements (the corrected values are then used in the fit). The standard data points (concentration vs. measurement) are plotted on log axes with a cubic regression (3rd order polynomial) curve-fit. The concentrations of the samples are determined from the fit with any specified dilution factors applied. The %CV, Standard Deviation and Standard Error are calculated for each replicated sample. Samples outside the range of the standards or the fit (greater than the upper asymptote or below the lower asymptote) are highlighted in yellow. Note, when working with cubic regression, certain data sets may not be usable for valid concentration calculation. For an explanation and solution please see cubic regression.