Partial Standard Groups with Multiple Plate Assays

When running an assay across multiple plates you might decide that it is not necessary to measure the full range of standards on each and every plate. Instead you could read the full range of standards on only one plate and measure a subset of the standards on other plates then visually compare the curve fits to check they are usable. This allows you to:

• Save costs on standards

• Save preparation time

• Measure more samples per plate

MyAssays makes this process easy by allowing you to define layouts with partial standard groups - we use this term to define a layout which includes the full range of standards on one or more plates of the layout with other plates featuring only a subset of the full range of standards.

For example, in the following illustration 3 plates are read. The first plate measures the full range of standards - in this case 6 standards in duplicate, whereas the second and third plates only measure 2 standards in duplicate. The resulting report includes the overlaid curve fits from each plate for visual comparison. Follow the provided video to see how to configure this type of data analysis.

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Configuring a Multiple Plate Layout with Partial Standard Groups