Multiple Plate Assay

MyAssays’ analysis can work with data measured across separate microplates in a batch. The multiple plate features greatly simplify processing measurement data when your samples span more than one plate.

MyAssays allows you to freely define how your samples are arranged on each plate. For example, the following multiple plate layout uses a different sample arrangement on each plate:

For quantitative assays, your standards might be arranged on each and every plate in the batch or you may decide to measure standards only on some of the plates in the batch. You can specify how the standard curve is generated and which curve to use to calculate the concentrations for each plate. For more information on the different quantitative multiple plate scenarios click here.

To provide your raw measurement data for multiple plates tick the Multiple Plates check box (beneath the Raw data edit box). With this option ticked you can provide your measurement data by plate. MyAssays expects a Plate header to identify the next set of plate data. Thus, precede each plate’s data with a separate row which starts with the word Plate. For example, data for two plates can be specified as follows:

If not all of the positions on a plate were read then you only need to provide the data for the measured positions. In this case you should configure the layout to identify the unused positions as described further here.

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Configuring Analysis for a Multiple Plate Assay