Dual Endpoint Measurements in the Microplate Edit Box

Assays requiring two sets of endpoint measurements are known as dual endpoint measurements.

For example, an assay may require that measurements are made at two different wavelengths, with one set of measurements being used as a reference.

For these types of assays you can specify both sets of data in the assay’s raw data edit box. For dual endpoint measurements, specify the first set of measurements followed by the second, with a single line description preceding each raw data block.

For example, dual endpoint raw data measured at 665nm and 620nm from a 12x8 microplate assay might look like this:

The description line must contain at least one letter so that the start of the next block can be found.

For blocks where the entire plate was not read you can list only those values that were read. In the following example, only 48 values were measured at each wavelength:

When the entire plate is not measured, remember to define a Custom Layout for the assay that describes which samples were measured. For example, the following Custom Layout defines a layout for 48 measured samples.

It is assumed that the same positions are measured at both wavelengths.

For more information on supplying data when the entire plate was not read please see Microplate Data in the Edit Box.

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