Assay Settings

Most assays have a number of parameters you can change, such as:

• Sample layout (i.e. how your samples are arranged on the plate/rack)

• Concentration values

• Dilutions factors

• Other parameters

Your settings for each assay are stored with your MyAssays account.

Each time your press the Calculate button your settings are saved and remembered ready for the next time you need to perform the analysis.

Since your settings are saved in your MyAssays account, you can access your stored assay settings and account information from any computer.

Every time you make a setting change, the Save Settings button will appear near the bottom of the page:

Pressing this button stores your settings for the current assay with your account without performing a calculation. This is useful when calculations are performed outside the browser facility, such as with the MyAssays Add-In for Microsoft Excel or the MyAssays Desktop Client.

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