MyAssays Desktop Client

The MyAssays Desktop Client is a program that runs from your computer and automatically supplies selected raw data to the MyAssays service for processing.

This is useful in scenarios where you are measuring data with your instrument and would like the data to be processed by the MyAssays service immediately.

Our Desktop Client is currently in Beta phase and available on request. For more information and to request the pre-release version please complete the form below.

MyAssaysConfig Files

Each assay on the site contains a MyAssayConfig file. These can be found under each assay’s Downloads section. A MyAssaysConfig file is a small file, used to configure the MyAssays Desktop client, containing details of your account (excluding your password) and an assay’s identifier.

After installing the MyAssays desktop client, download the MyAssaysConfig file for the assay you would like to work with.

Next simply double-click the downloaded MyAssaysConfig file to launch the desktop client and run your assay.

You will be prompted to enter your account password (as your password is not stored in the downloaded version of the MyAssaysConfig file).

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