WorkOut 2.5 Video Guides

WorkOut 2.5 is available for download from here.

A selection of online video guides for using WorkOut 2.5 with PerkinElmer instrumentation:


Upgrading WorkOut 2.5 Installation
(2 min 27 sec)

Getting Started

Creating a Quantitative Assay Protocol with WorkOut 2.5
(16 min 20 sec)


Importing VICTOR data with WorkOut 2.5
(5 min 7 sec)
Linking VICTOR measurements with WorkOut 2.5
(5 min 32 sec)
How to create a protocol with dual measurements
(4 min 1 sec)


Installing the EnVision driver for WorkOut 2.5
(5 mins)
Creating a WorkOut protocol to automate the EnVision
(2 min 57 sec)


Exploring Kinetic Data in WorkOut 2.5
(5 min 47 sec)
Kinetic Analyses for Growth Curves (lag-time, onset-time, maximum-slope) in WorkOut 2.5
(5 min 47 sec)

Enhanced Security

Enable WorkOut Security Module on Windows XP
(1 min 49 sec)
Enable WorkOut Security Module on Windows 7
(2 min 47 sec)
Get Started with Security Manager
(7 min 24 sec)
Security Manager Authentication Methods
(7 min 35 sec)
Multiple WorkOut users with the VICTOR
(3 min 17 sec)


Introduction to Expressions in WorkOut
(14 min 58 sec)
Worklists in WorkOut
(4 min 59 sec)
Customize WorkOut Export for LIMS
(8 min 29 sec)
Inter-Assay QC charts with WorkOut
(5 min 36 sec)
4PL Curve Fit With a Zero Standard
(6 min 28 sec)

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