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CALPRO Calprotectin ELISA (ALP)

The CALPRO Calprotectin ELISA test (ALP) is a quantitative method for the determination of calprotectin in stool samples. Stool samples are extracted and the diluted extracts used to perform the ELISA. The ELISA applied is a sandwich immunoassay. This analysis calculates concentrations using a Four Parameter Logistic fit in accordance with the kit instructions. The standard data points (concentration [ng/mL] vs. measurement) are plotted on semi-log axes and a 4PL curve is fit through the average of the replicated standards. The concentrations of the samples are determined from the fit with any specified dilution factors applied. The final concentration results are reported in mg/kg. The %CV, Standard Deviation and Standard Error are calculated for each replicated sample. Samples outside the range of the standards or the fit (greater than the upper asymptote or below the lower asymptote) are highlighted in yellow.