Introducing MyAssays Desktop

MyAssays Desktop for Windows enables you to run the data analysis available on privately and securely on your own PC, inside a powerful desktop application. This means:

• No need to upload your data to the internet for analysis (your data is not sent over the internet for processing or storage online)

• A seamless fully-automated integration between your laboratory instrumentation and MyAssays data analysis tools is now possible


MyAssays Desktop is available in various configurations to suit different budgets and needs:


Operates with preconfigured protocols (either those included in the installation package or as downloaded from The Basic edition allows tweaking limited protocol parameters (such as fit method, sample concentrations, layout, etc.).


Includes all of the features of the Basic edition plus functionality for creating new custom protocols. This edition provides full access to the Matrix-Transform data analysis model, offering a wealth of easy-to-use tools for building data analysis solutions tailored to your lab.

Basic Features

Search, Download and use Protocols

Enjoy the convenience of preconfigured data analysis tools from running on your desktop. Show me…

Import Wizard

Automatically import your assay data from:

• Many proprietary file formats – the software supports over 100 formats used by major instrument manufacturers. Show me…

• Excel (XLS/XLSX) documents – import data directly from Excel documents. The wizard allows you to select where your data is stored within an Excel document and use this selection for import across similar documents. No more copy and paste required. This feature is available even if Excel is not installed on your system. Show me…

• Separate multiple files – combine data stored in separate files in a single analysis. Perhaps your plate reader outputs each plate of data to a separate file. The wizard can import data from separate files together and process as a single analysis. No more manual stitching of files together. Show me…

Data Visualisation Tools

A variety of powerful interactive tools to inspect your data including 3D views, heat-map and charts.

Microplate Layout Editor

Define how your samples are arranged with the intuitive layout editor. Modify layouts after analysis and easily recalculated results to correct for preparation errors. Share layouts across assays and share layouts with your colleagues.

Multiple Plate Support

Support for assay analysis where data is measured across multiple plates. A standard curve can be prepared for each plate, assigned by plate or use an average curve from data measured across separate plates. Show me…

Outlier Marking

“Flag” outliers for exclusion in data analysis.

Automatic Analysis

As soon as data is available from your reader the optional integrated Folder Poll tool can launch your data analysis protocol, calculate results and optionally print and/or export data with no user-intervention required. Show me…

Export Options

Export your reports to PDF, Excel (XLSX) or Word (DOCX).

Report Templates

Customise your reports using the full power of Microsoft Word (or WordPad). Decide layouts for your reports, include headers/footers, custom images, in fact anything that you can do in Word. Includes support for digital signatures in your report.

Flexible Data File Management

Data is stored in files so that you can easily manage, share and backup your assets. MyAssays Desktop automatically arranges your data. Optionally, customise how results files are named and where your data is to be stored. Show me…

Versioned Analysis

As you tweak your analysis parameters all of your settings are stored and available to step-back to (these be removed as required).

Worklist Support

Automatically import data such as sample IDs, dilution factors, standard concentrations (and more) from worklist files as part of the data analysis process.

Pre-Installed Protocols

The following protocols are installed as part of the MyAssays Desktop system:


Performs the quantitative analysis of samples using a standard curve fit to calculate concentrations for typical enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays. The data analysis:

• Support for any number of standards (in singlet or in replicates)

• Optional background correction

• Unweighted or weighted fits including 4PL, 5PL, linear regression (and more…)

• Linear/Logarithmic axes

• Automatic calculation of % Recovery, %CV, Standard Deviation, SEM

• Support single or multiple plates

Show me…

Liquid Handling QC

QC your liquid handling with a qualitative analysis of your readings. The data analysis:

• Reports “pass” or “fail” (determined against customisable thresholds)

• Calculates means and %CV of plate, including by-row and by-column

• Heat-map and 3D view to quickly troubleshoot

Standards Curve with Titres and Parallelism Plots

This optional add-on pack provides combined data analysis in one protocol that:

• Plots a 4PL standard curve fit (concentration vs. measurement)

• Plots and overlay dilution vs. measurement curves reporting 4PL parameters and statistical analysis of each

• Calculate titre values

Pro Features

Beyond the MyAssays Desktop Basic edition, MyAssays Desktop Pro edition offers a wealth of easy-to-use tools for building your own data analysis solutions tailored to your lab's needs and workflow.

• MyAssays Desktop's Pro edition includes all of the features of the Basic edition plus functionality for creating new custom protocols. This edition provides a wealth of easy-to-use tools for building data analysis solutions tailored to your lab's needs and workflow, including:

• Matrix-Transform Data Analysis – build your own protocols using the comprehensive data analysis engine supporting a wide range of applications.

• Best-Fit Analysis - perform and compare multiple fit methods and automatically apply the best (with customizable scoring methods).

• Kinetic/Spectral Analysis – perform analysis on kinetic and whole spectrum data (including peak, slope, maximum slope, fit, smooth, replicate outlier and many more).

• PLA - Parallel Line Analysis.

• Multiple Plate Support – perform data analysis on samples measured across more than one plate (use a curve on each plate, share curves across plates, or use an averaged curve from samples measured across separate plates).

• Sample Labels - label your results using your own text and highlighting rules.

• Custom Validation Rules – configure automatic checks to verify and report whether your measurements and results are within expected ranges.

• Complete Report Configuration – configure your report exactly as you require.

• Custom Export (e.g. for LIS/LIMS) – automatically export analysis results ready for other applications using the flexible custom export.

• Folder Poll – automatically perform MyAssays Data analysis as soon as a new data file is detected using the integrated Folder Poll tool. Show me…

Pro Add-Ons

Beyond the Basic and Pro editions further optional Add-Ons are available to cater for specific applications and scenarios.


If you're working with multiplex assays the Multiplex Add-On is designed for you:

• Calculate results from multiple analytes within a single analysis step.

• For quantitative analysis, apply the same curve-fitting method to each analyte or use the Best-Fit option to automatically apply the most appropriate fit method for each analyte.

• Specify concentration values as a series (defining the starting concentration of each analyte and the series) or enter specific concentrations for each analyte.

• Specify units per analyte or common units.

• Paste in or import: measurement data, analyte names, starting concentration values or specific concentration values.

• Includes import methods to automatically extract multiplex measurement data and analyte names from Luminex® xPONENT and Meso Scale Discovery Workbench® CSV and TXT formats.

Quality Control

The QC option provides a range of inter-assay analysis features for continuously monitoring and automatically validating that your assay remains in control:

• Monitor, track and chart observations across assay runs.

• Any numerical result can be tracked. For example, monitor raw or calculated control values, %CVs or curve R² values.

• Include Levey-Jennings and CUSUM charts as part of each assay report to compare and visualize the latest results with historical data.

• Generate QC reports on-the-fly as and when needed.

• Automatic validation can ensure that the monitored observations are within defined acceptance parameters. Violations are clearly indicated in the report. For example, an acceptance rule can be defined to test whether a control result of a particular assay run is within a range of +/- 2*SD of the historical observations.

Enhanced Security

For those users working under GxP or 21CFR11, the Enhanced Security edition offers the features necessary to achieve compliance. The software provides protected and tracked access to system features inside a secure environment with:

• Access control – authentication and authorization are used to permit/deny access to MyAssays Desktop Pro functions.

• Operating system level security data storage protection – only authorized users can make changes to MyAssays Desktop Pro data files and settings.

• Audit-trail and log-in log – all activity is stored against the logged-in user with a date/time stamp.

• Data Certification – restrict the system to handle only certified data (eliminating the processing of tampered data).

• Password protected and locked outputs (e.g. locked Excel outputs).

Rack Layouts

If your reader measures samples in tubes or vials (rather than microplates) then the Rack Add-On is for you:

• Rack layout editor - define layouts in accordance with racks of tubes or vials.

• Dynamic sample layouts - layouts are automatically adjusted based on the number of samples actually measured.

• Support for microplate layouts included (for the multi-functional lab).


A selection of screen grabs from MyAssays Desktop.

MyAssays Desktop Explorer Welcome Screen:

Searching for an assay with service in MyAssays Desktop:

Use the Import Wizard to import data from an Excel document:

Visualising ELISA measurement data in 3D:

Microplate Layout Editor configured for multiple plate analysis:

Interactive chart for reviewing results (outliers can be marked directly from the curve):

Data Analysis Configuration Example:

Example report output including value bars:

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