Interactive Chart

The Interactive Chart allows you to inspect your sample data alongside the fitted curve. Also, you can flag standard points directly from the chart; this is useful for excluding outliers from the curve fit.

Displaying Samples

Click on the sample name legend above the chart to show/hide the sample groups. For example, here the Unknown legend has been clicked to show where the Unknowns fall on the curve.

Flag Outliers

Outlier standard points can be removed by simply clicking on the point. After marking the point or points to remove, press the Recalculate button to generate a new report with the new data set. The flagged points are excluded from the calculations (i.e. not used in the curve fit).

Chart Zoom

For a closer look at your data points you can zoom in on the chart by clicking and holding the mouse whilst dragging an area to zoom. Release the mouse button to zoom the chart area. Press the Reset Zoom button to return to the full view.

Point Details

Hover the mouse over a point to view further information about that point. In the image below, the mouse has been positioned over the highest standard to display the point details.

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Interactive Chart