How to Reference MyAssays

You can refer to MyAssays in your paper, thesis or publication.

To refer to a specific data analysis tool:

Include “MyAssays Ltd.”, the title of the page, the wording “online data analysis tool” the date accessed and the relevant assay link.

The assay link is the full assay URL to the page, this starts with followed by the name and ends with .assay. This can be obtained by clicking the send button (envelope icon with green arrow)

For example, if you have been using the Four Parameter Logistic Curve analysis page use:

“Four Parameter Logistic Curve” online data analysis tool, MyAssays Ltd., 25 th October 2012,

To refer to specific results generated by MyAssays use the Share Data & Results option:

With this function you can share your raw data, settings and generated report for a particular assay analysis. Use the Share Data & Results option (accessible from the report view) to create a share link. The share link will be emailed to you and you can reference this as follows:

“Raw data, analysis parameters and results are available through the online service at *, provided by MyAssays Ltd.”

* Replace the link here with the link generated for your content.

Please note that if you delete your shared report the report will no longer be available.

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