Arbor Assays DetectX® Corticosterone (OD)

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The DetectX® Corticosterone Immunoassay kit is designed to quantitatively measure Corticosterone present in extracted dried fecal samples, serum, plasma and tissue culture media samples.

Data analysis is performed in accordance with Arbor Assays' DetectX Corticosterone kit K014-H1, K014-H5, K014-H, K014. Data should be measured with a colorimetric 96 well microplate reader measuring Optical Densities (OD) at 450nm.

All samples are corrected by the mean of the NSB group measurements. The standard data points are plotted (concentration vs. B/B0%) and a Four Parameter Logistic Fit is made through these points. The concentrations of the unknown samples are determined from the fit and any specified dilution factors are applied.

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Help You can supply your raw data in two ways:
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